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New Vitamin Biscuits Deliver Nutrients Without Nausea To Expectant Moms

November 11, 2015: 12:00 AM EST
The need to enhance one’s nutritional intake before, during, and after pregnancy, without having to take big, nausea-inducing vitamin pills, led an entrepreneur and her friend to develop ERZO vitamin biscuits. The biscuits offer a more palatable and convenient daily solution for expectant moms. The vitamin-fortified, whole grain cereal biscuits are a good source of fiber, and provide nutritional values similar to prenatal pills and gummies. They avoid common problems such as nausea, reflux and food aversions. And they dovetail neatly with a major food trend: the rise in popularity of breakfast biscuits.
Lisa Olivo, "ERZO Delivers a Functional Prenatal Biscuit", Nutraceuticals World, November 11, 2015, © Rodman Media
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