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Physical Activity Loosens Bond Between Depression, Heart Disease

January 24, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
Heart disease and depression often go hand in hand. Depression has not only been connected to an increased risk of heart disease, it often means worse outcomes for patients. But new research confirms that regular exercise lessens undesirable cardiovascular outcomes. Researchers looked for evidence of physical activity, as well as early indicators of heart disease, among 965 people who were free of heart disease and depression. They found arterial stiffening and inflammation – early signs of heart disease – as well as depressive symptoms among those who were inactive. The indicators were less common in subjects engaging in regular physical activity.
Ibhar Al Mheid et al., " Depressive Symptoms and Subclinical Vascular Disease. ", Journal of the American College of Cardiology, January 24, 2016, © American College of Cardiology Foundation
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