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Chemist Who Developed Crest Whitening Toothpastes Joins Startup

May 31, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
Former P&G chemist Carlos Martinez has joined a startup company to lead development of a tooth whitener made from marine animal proteins. Martinez led development of the whitening varieties of P&G brand Crest, including Whitening Plus Scope, Vivid White and ProHealth. SafeWhite Inc. uses edible proteins from bioluminescent marine creatures as well as the adhesives used by shellfish to cling to rocks. To secure tranches of a $1.25 million Ohio Third Frontier loan, the startup has  won certification that its product is nontoxic, and has signed a contract with a large consumer goods company that may license the product after it completes its own in-house tests.
Carrie Ghose, "Veteran P&G researcher for Crest toothpaste joins startup making teeth whitener from the sea", Columbus Business First, May 31, 2016, © American City Business Journals
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