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Smart – And Expensive – Toothbrush Seeks Niche Market

May 25, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
A Wilmette, Ill., dentist has launched a company whose sole product is a high-tech toothbrush that sports a camera and smartphone connection. The camera gives Prophix toothbrush users a look into their mouths – via a smartphone app – while brushing. They can check their gums and teeth, including the hard-to-see back molars. The camera snaps photos that can be saved for future reference. Oral care experts and industry analysts are skeptical of the market for such a device. At $400, it’s hardly an impulse buy, and it’s not necessary for proper oral care. Another consideration: Proctor & Gamble will launch the Oral-B Genius, the newest version of its smart toothbrush, later in 2016. The price is likely to be around $200 – still not an impromptu buy, but half the cost of the Prophix.
Cheryl V. Jackson, "$400 toothbrush with camera lets you see how well you're brushing", The Chicago Tribune, May 25, 2016, © Chicago Tribune
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