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Which Ingredients In Popular Drink Soylent Are Making People Sick?

November 7, 2016: 12:00 AM EST
Although the supplier of an algae-based ingredient insists it is safe, the makers of protein drink Soylent say they’re pretty sure that TerraVia’s algal flour is the component that has made a bunch of its customers sick. Manufacturer Roas Foods has decided to remove the suspect ingredient from Soylent, an instant powdered meal cherished by techies in Silicon Valley and beyond. The drink was riding a wave of popularity in the summer when reports of illness began to pop up. Rosa Foods recalled protein bars and drink mixes containing the algal flour. TerraVia, meanwhile, blamed the illnesses on other ingredients in Soylent, including “known irritants” soy protein isolate and glycerin.
Olivia Zaleski, "Soylent Thinks It Found What Was Making People Sick: Algae", Bloomberg Technology, November 07, 2016, © BLOOMBERG L.P.
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